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Bruce Thurman’s degree project installed outside the Woods Gerry Gallery over the weekend

Bruce Thurman’s degree project installed outside the Woods Gerry Gallery over the weekend

This past winter a handful of RISD students from the Film/Animation/Video and Architecture Departments independently wrote, produced, and directed a music video here in Providence.  
Last spring Film/Animation/Video undergrads Samuel Lee andJulian Marshall and Architecture graduate student Thomas Jonakbegan working on the initial concepts of the video.  In between their formal class schedules, they worked on writing and story boarding the shoot.  Julian Marshall, taking the lead as director, created ablue/green screen technique to be used during the choirs to convey a sense of depth and time.  Overlaying multiple images using blue/green screens as well as live action movement through the shot allows a viewer to understand both current and past events and where they overlap in the video’s time-line.

This video had the help of many dedicated RISD students during and after shooting.  Take a minute to watch the video and follow the link below.  Thank you for your help and for supporting your fellow RISD students.

Director: Julian Marshall; Undergraduate Film/Animation/Video
Producer: Samuel Lee; Undergraduate Film/Animation/Video
Director of Photography: David Vollrath
1st AC: Cory Zapatka; Undergraduate Film/Animation/Video
Grip:  Andreas Nicholas; Undergraduate Film/Animation/Video
Music: Thomas Jonak; Masters Architecture
Actor: Ai Ito; Masters Architecture
Actor: Jill Wiedenmayer; Undergraduate Architecture
Calvin Dunwoody; Undergraduate Architecture
Alexander O. Epstein; Undergraduate Sculpture


Eat Me! Architects

Gangster Gardeners

Japanese Art to Offer Relief <3

On Saturday, April 9, students from the RISD studio Architectonics will join their instructor, New York-based architect Aki Ishida, at the Japan Society in New York City for a benefit concert and workshop to raise funds for the Society’s Earthquake Relief Fund. They will install Luminous Washi Lantern, a project they designed collaboratively during Wintersession, and run a full-day workshop to teach visitors how to fold paper pieces that will be added to the installation.

A longtime member of RISD’s adjunct faculty, Ishida has taught Architectonics every Wintersession since 2007, attracting some of the best students to a class that has become a perennial favorite in Architecture. “This year’s project evolved from assignments I have given in previous years focused on temporary paper-enclosed spaces,” Ishida explains. In the past, students have designed hypothetical projects for such sites as the Providence Art Club parking lot and a “Japanese village” Ishida is designing for Concordia Language Villages in Minnesota. However, after attending a festival at the Japan Society last spring, she determined that it “would be a perfect venue for an installation with RISD students.” The Society agreed – and then chose to incorporate the installation as part of this weekend’s fundraiser for relief efforts.

Inspired by traditional Japanese lantern festivals, the Luminous Washi Lantern project explores the use of light and shadow in Japanese architecture and celebrates the ephemeral, fleeting nature of materials traditionally used in Japanese rituals and events. As part of the class, a dozen sophomore and Foundation students worked closely with five teaching assistants who had participated in previous Architectonics studios – Jason Keyes BArch 12Alex McCargar BArch 11E. Tristan Mead BArch 14Evita Yumul BArch 08 and Henry Zimmerman BArch 13. Each student explored various designs for cutting and folding the mulberry paper traditionally used for lanterns. The group then collectively chose and synthesized designs by Adria Boynton BArch 15Fernando Diaz Smith 13 ID and Timothy Dobday BArch 15to develop for the site-specific piece in NYC. 

Installed in the the Japan Society’s skylit lobby, Luminous Washi Lantern will actually grow over the course of the day as visitors write messages to survivors of the earthquake and fold the paper (donated in part by the risd:store and C2F) before adding it to the installation. Doors open at 11 am and the piece will remain illuminated until 11 pm, when the event ends.

The benefit on Saturday is built around the CONCERT FOR JAPAN, which features performers such as Laurie Anderson (who holds an honorary degree from RISD), Philip GlassLou Reed and Ryuichi Sakamoto. Although tickets for the gala are already sold out, the concert will be projected on screens both inside and outside the building and will stream live on UStream.

“Being a Sakamoto fan since junior high school, I am especially excited about his participation,” Ishida notes. Most importantly, she is pleased that she and her current and former Architectonics students can help with Japanese relief efforts as they “share this special convergence of our interests in Japan, work with light and ephemeral materials, and interest in teaching the public about design.”

The Luminous Washi Lantern project was made possible by the Japan Society, a grant from the Center for Global Partnership and the RISD Architecture Department. 

Aki Ishida Architect
Japan Society’s Earthquake Relief Fund

Tall Buildings Workshop in Germany w/ Jonathan Knowles!
spring 2011, advanced studio 

Tall Buildings Workshop in Germany w/ Jonathan Knowles!

spring 2011, advanced studio 

Collect Pond from Zel Bowman-Laberge on Vimeo.

fantastic degree-project animation by zel bowman-laberge 

RISD 2011 Faculty Biennial

Friday, February 25, through Sunday, March 20, 2011 


The RISD Faculty Biennial, a longstanding tradition, is an exciting opportunity to view new studio work by the extraordinary artists and designers who teach at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). Presented in the Museum of Art Rhode Island School of Design’s Chace Center galleries and the Gelman Student Gallery, this exhibition occupies two floors of the Museum.

Tremendous response from the RISD faculty has made it possible to show works by 207 full- and part-time faculty — nearly 30 more than participated in the Museum’s last Faculty Biennial, in 2009. The works featured are as varied as the many departments and divisions in which the faculty teach — ranging from apparel, textiles, painting, printmaking, ceramics, glass, sculpture, illustration, photography, jewelry and metalsmithing to graphic design, industrial design, architecture, landscape architecture, interior architecture, film, animation, digital media, furniture, and more.


Poster by Bethany Johns, Associate Professor, Graphic Design

all current risd museum exhibitions here

At RISD: 2x4s, tape, and 'Co-Habitation' - This Just In - Providence Phoenix
risd senior open studios&#160;:  friday february 25
6:00-7:00 PM Architecture + Industrial DesignMusic by RISD&#8217;s own &#8220;Jam on Toast&#8221;Co-Habitation + Selected work from the Architecture Triennial in the BEB GalleryStudio Visits of Degree Projects in progress on the 4th Floor Food and Drinks Provided After-Party at The Salon: 11PM-2AM 

risd senior open studios :  friday february 25

6:00-7:00 PM Architecture + Industrial Design

Music by RISD’s own “Jam on Toast”
Co-Habitation + Selected work from the Architecture Triennial in the BEB Gallery
Studio Visits of Degree Projects in progress on the 4th Floor 

Food and Drinks Provided 

After-Party at The Salon: 11PM-2AM 

WIP : call for submissions

Works in Progress (WIP) —risd arch’s student-run publication— is currently seeking submissions from all: alumni, instructors, & current students
for WIP’s “second-coming’s” inaugural publication.

Topic:  How should one ________  architecture?

(that is, how should one practice, build, discuss, facilitate,
disseminate, change, educate, teach, revolutionize, decentralize,
manifest, pay for, dream about, etc. architecture - whichever word,
listed or not, that evokes a response from you.)  

The deadline for submissions to make it in the next issue will be the end of March. WIP is looking for, and perhaps mutually exclusive of eachother:

words (1500 roughly)
studio projects
mission statements
architectural horoscopes
wood cuts
zine screen prints
etc… all will be accepted for review.

This is a chance to set in ink all thoses things you have been making
and thinking.

please send all questions/submissions to:  risdwip@gmail.com

a slideshow of candids from the architecture triennial

Carrot City : Exhibit Opening!

Carrot City: Design for Urban Agriculture  -  Feb 25

Exhibition Opening : The event will take place at the AIA/RI Gallery, located at 158 Washington Street in downtown Providence on Friday, Feb 25, from 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm.

Take a break after the first week of studio, light refreshments and drinks available!

project website —>  carrot city